community & education

UCSD Weibel Lab


Healthcare Web Developer
Front-end / high-fidelity prototype developer for Human-Computer Interaction for detecting and diagnosing strokes in hospitals / emergency settings.

UCSD Cognitive Science

2019 - 2020

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Curated content, designed assignment guidelines, assisted with technical curriculum, recorded demos and wrote tutorials, graded endlessly.

Center for Digital Learning

2018 - 2019

Curriculum Developer, TA
Creating quiz questions, practice problems, and learning objectives in beginner programming languages, including Snap, Scratch, Alice, Python, and Java for MOOCs hosted on Coursera. Grading assignments when MOOCs are run as cross-UC quarterly classes (FA18, WI19, SP19).
Developing practice problems and tutorials for local K-12 schools within the San Diego / Sweetwater districts.
Leading remote discussion sections for 90 students via Zoom.

CS ForEach

2018 - 2019

Volunteer Director
Organized groups of students to facilitate coding and robotics workshops at local K-12 schools

UCSD Computer Science

2017 - 2019

Data Structures Tutor
Provided computer lab assistance for programming assignments, held 1-on-1's with students, answered questions the online forum Piazza, graded student work.

Musicians' Club

2015 - 2018

VP Communications, VP Operations, and VP Internal
Musical leadership: organized performances end-to-end, including finding players, creating a setlist, marketing, and setting up equipment.
Organizational leadership: facilitated move from archaic technologies to new ones (like Slack & Mailchimp), automated tournament-style meeting scheduler, and redesigned meeting structure.